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Jennifer DeBerry

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The Entrepreneur's Source® is the world's largest and #1 franchise coaching organization dedicated to empowering potential entrepreneurs to achieve their personal and professional goals through self-employment. The Entrepreneur's Source® is recognized as the industry leader in franchise education, coaching and knowledge of opportunities through the country.

With over 30 years of experience, The Entrepreneurs Source® pioneered the franchise coaching industry. Since then, we have been coaching and empowering tens of thousands of individuals to break free from the employment cycle and empower them to achieve their dreams and become self-sufficient through business ownership.


My Story


My story is rather simple.  I grew up in a small town, went to school, started a family, got a degree, and went to work.  I worked and sat in traffic; and with every year that passed, I worked longer hours, all for other people, other companies.  I was a top performing employee.  Excellence at building relationships through good communication and efficient follow-up served me well internally as well as externally.  Trust developed from listening to my customers and matching their needs to solutions offered by my employer, as well as from genuinely caring about my customers, inside and outside of the organization.

After years of corporate politics and cost-cutting measures that impacted many of my co-workers' lives, I found myself thinking about my future.  At what point in time would I be expendable, regardless of past performance?  I watched solid employees "let go" from their jobs with no warning.  At home, we experienced the impact of a private equity investor taking over the small business where my husband worked, and worked hard, and his position of 10 years was eliminated within months of the transition. 

The idea of business ownership began to take shape.  I could be the captain of my own ship instead of swabbing the deck.  I had considered running my own business in the past, but never created a business plan.   I knew that I wanted to be in a position to help people.  I also knew I had a solid skill set that I could put into play.  When I came into contact with The Entrepreneur's Source, they introduced me to all the benefits of franchising and supported me while I explored several business models that fit my needs.  And now I'm here, offering that same service of guided exploration to you.

I am proud to help my clients define their goals and objectives and introduce them to opportunities that have the potential to meet those goals.  As a Coach, I support my clients through a discovery process designed to help them overcome barriers, achieve the independence they seek, and be in control of their destinies.

Jennifer DeBerry is an Atlanta area native, graduate of Clayton State University with a BBA in Management, and presently lives in Charlotte, NC, with her husband Kris. They enjoy outdoor activities, painting, travel, volunteering and reading.   Her son manages a restaurant in her hometown of Fayetteville, GA.


Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out my services. I look forward to helping you find options that are right for you.

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